Solar Panels Rockhampton & Gladstone

Installing high quality solar panels is important if you want your system to last and to perform at a high level year after year, especially in the famous sunshine of Rockhampton & Gladstone. REC are considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar panels. For any further information or to arrange a quote please contact us.

The following is some background information on our solar panel provider, REC.


REC Solar Panels Rockhampton & Gladstone

A Leading Company

REC Solar PanelREC, Renewable Energy Corp is a leading global provider of solar electricity solutions. With nearly two decades of expertise, they offer sustainable, high-performing products and services for the solar and electronics industries.

With almost 2000 employees and worldwide generated revenues of about 1 billion Euros per year, REC are a considerable company with the knowledge and expertise to produce quality products for the solar industry now and well into the future.

Award Winning

REC have won many awards including the Photon field test in Germany in 2011 for solar panel performance.  Other awards include best practice awards and they hold over 200 patents in the fields of silicon and solar panel production.


Headquartered in Norway, the production facilities include the silicon materials plants in Washington and Montana in the USA. The wafer, cell and solar panel production is located in their new state of the art manufacturing facility in Singapore.

High Quality Products

REC spends a lot of time and money on research and development and in the testing of its products to ensure a long trouble free life out of the solar panels.  Their solar panel manufacturing facility is considered the most modern in the world with an automated process that removes a lot of human contact and ensures a high quality product.

Used by other Leading Companies

REC is a big name in the solar industry which is why many large well-known companies have installed REC panels on their facilities to help reduce their electricity costs.  A few examples of these are:

  • 4500kW system on the Veterans Hospital in ArizonaUSA
  • 3600kW system on the Audi Car Manufacturing plant in Belgium
  • 921kW system on the Heineken Brewery in the Netherlands
  • 432kW and 149 kW systems on two Ikea Furniture store locations in Germany
  • 999kW system at the EuroSpeedway in Lausitzring in Germany

Commercial Scale Systems

REC panels have been used widely by many different companies installing large solar power stations around the world.  Some examples are:

  • 28 Megawatt Giebelstadt Power Plant in Germany
  • 24 Megawatt Phenix Power Plant in Italy
  • 5 Megawatt Chiang Rai Power Plant in Thailand
  • 8 Megawatt BMD Solar PV plant in India
  • 6 Megawatt Parque Metropolitano Power Plant in Spain