Solahart Solar Hot Water Systems Rockhampton & Gladstone

Did you know that a regular electric hot water system can account for up to 30% of your regular electricity bill? That’s right- you could be spending hundreds each quarter just to enjoy good hot showers. However, there is an cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative – solar hot water systems can help you slash you power bills and still have plenty of hot water to go around.

With Australia’s abundant sunshine it makes great sense to get your hot water FREE from the sun. With a Solahart solar water heater you can enjoy big savings on your energy use and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Solartech Solutions are proud to be the local Solahart dealer and to perform installations of Solahart solar hot water systems in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Yeppoon, Biloela and Emerald homes as well as properties in surrounding areas. To find out which Solahart solar hot water system is best for you contact us for your FREE home solar assessment.

Our Solar Hot Water Solutions

Solahart’s solar hot water systems use a range of technologies to provide efficient and cost effective solar water heating solutions for all Australian climates.The key technologies are:

Thermosiphon Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems

Solahart Solar Hot Water Rockhampton & GladstoneSolahart’s roof mounted tank systems save space at ground level and their elegant simplicity make them efficient and reliable.

All Solahart roof mounted solar hot water systems use the Thermosiphon principle to collect heat from the sun and transfer it to your hot water. The Thermosiphon principle is based on two naturally occurring phenomena:Dark objects absorb heat and Hot water rises.

Solahart solar collectors are coated with a dark, heat-absorbent surface. This coating absorbs the energy from the sun’s rays and heats the fluid in the collectors. As the fluid heats, it rises to the top of the collectors and into the tank where it displaces cooler fluid which flows in to the bottom of the collectors where the process is repeated.

In open circuit systems the fluid in the collectors is water while in closed circuit systems a special antifreeze fluid, called Hartgard, is used.When heated in the solar collectors, the Hartgard is circulated in a jacket around the tank to transfer the heat to the water inside. Closed circuit systems are recommended for frost prone areas or in situations with poor water chemistry.

With a Solahart thermosiphon solar hot water heating system you can choose from a range of boosters including in-tank electric or in-line gas boosters to ensure you always have hot water on tap even on cloudy days.

Streamline Split Solar Hot Water System

Streamline Split Solar Hot Water Rockhampton & GladstoneSolahart’s split system solar water heaters are designed to give you the maximum flexibility of installation locations. The low profile and unobtrusive solar collectors are mounted on a roof whilst the storage tank is mounted at ground level out of sight.

With open circuit split systems the water is circulated from the tank at ground level through the solar collectors by an electric pump called a ‘circulator’.Cooler water is circulated in a continuous cycle from the bottom of the tank and through the solar collectors where it absorbs the heat extracted from the sun before being returned to the tank.

A control unit on the water heater regulates the circulator. When the controller senses an 8°C differential in temperature between the top of the solar collectors and the bottom of the tank, the circulator is activated until the temperature differential falls to 2°C. This ensures the optimum use of the sun’s free energy.

With a Solahart solar hot water split system you can choose from a range of boosters including in-tank electric or in-line gas continuous flow boosting to ensure you always have hot water on tap even on cloudy days.

Heat Pump

Solar Hot Water Heat Pump Rockhampton & GladstoneThe Solahart heat pump is a smart, energy efficient alternative for areas where a traditional solar water heater may not be suitable, such as an application with a shaded north facing roof.

Rather than using roof mounted collectors, efficient heat pump technology extracts energy from the surrounding air. Ambient warmth is used to convert the refrigerant within the sealed system into a gas. The gas is then compressed to generate even more heat which then heats the water in the tank. What’s more this process can work day or night, in sunshine and rain, all year round.

Installation is quick and easy. The heat pump water heater can usually be installed in the same location as an outdoor electric water heater and connected up to the existing plumbing and electrical connections, making it a great replacement for an existing water heater.

It is also equipped with an electric booster designed to operate only in very cold conditions to ensure a quick and efficient supply of hot water when you may need it most. The ceramic lined tank is further protected by its sacrificial anode.